Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Vermont 100 Race Review Intro

Hi everyone, Exciting news!

I ran in the Vermont 100 mile endurance run last Saturday and I survived. Better than that actually, I thrived. I thought I would finish in 24 hours, but I surprised myself by finishing strong in 19:50! My parents were crewing for me and they were so thrown off by my predicted pace that they missed me at two early aid stations. I am going to write a proper story of my journey soon, but for now, I'll show you some pictures.

Margaritaville Aid Station, Mile 58.5

My dad crewing for me while I think, "Do I really want to stop for sunscreen on an overcast day?"

That's me at the finish line. I finished right before midnight. I'm being handed a 6 foot long sub. Just kidding, it's a towel.

Who could ask for better parents?

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