Thursday, September 19, 2013

Peace Corps Bound!

After almost a year long application process, I'm proud to say that I have been accepted into the Peace Corps! I'll be flyin down to the Dominican Republic in March of 2014 to teach and promote literacy for 27 months. And guess what? I'll write to you every month with news, stories, jokes, fun runs, and anything else you ask me for. I might be the only PC volunteer at my post, so, PLEASE!, feel free to comment and keep me sane.

Well, I haven't done much running this summer. But I did find my way up this hill in Maine. Did you know they also have pretty rocks there?

In October, I'm hittin the road! Driving to California. Livin on the [BEACH!] in Monterey Bay with my girlfriend Becca. I'll be sure to have great times on the way over so stay tuned for that post.

And now for something entirely different. This summer at camp, I had an idea. A funny idea. And it became a reality. Hooray for fun at Journeys End Farm Camp (