Sunday, May 17, 2015

3 lessons learned from a long run

My long run today was great. I ran the Lenape Trail from South Mountain to Brookdale Park. 22 miles I estimate. It was hot, it was sweat-in-the-eyes, it was hardcore. I ran the same route in March through mud, snow, and ice. That was treacherous. That run took me 5:30. This run, with great surface conditions but hotter weather, took me 4:50. I learned three things from this run.
1. Do not chug 2 cans of pure coconut water on a long run. Little coconut devils will twist your intestines into knots.
2. When you get sick of drinking coconut water after 2 hours of running and finally come to a water fountain, do not chug water like it's the fountain of youth. This will have the same effect as lesson one.
3. Always say yes to free ice cream.