Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer, sickness, and Sun in the Fun!

Here's me with family at a nice hotel in Long Branch, NJ. Note: We agreed to take a photo at the beginning of the trip, while we still liked each other :)

Hey friends,
So yes, I've forgotten about this blog again. Nobody told me summer grad classes would be so darn intense! I just finished an Early Literacy and Language class, am about to finish an Adolescent Development class, and have yet to take a Science and Tech class. Holy Moly! In between my classwork, I've found some time for running. Beyond my usual Mills Park run in Montclair, I've ran at the Delaware Water Gap and the Jersey shore. The Gap was brand new to me and it was STEEP! Also included were many hairy caterpillars, the thrills of tripping while running downhill, and frigid gushing streams.

My Vermont 100 race is in 10 days! I'm very excited for this challenge, even with a respiratory virus I'm battling at the moment. Yes, I believe that's my cue to stop procrastinating, write my finals essays, and rest up before the big day.

Happy trails,

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