Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Super Summer Stills.

So I've had an amazing past few weeks and wanted to share some golden moments with everyone. Here's the recap:

Pennsylvania: I spent one week at Journey's End Farm Camp as a family camp counselor. This is my 6th year consecutively working there! It feels like a lovely second home these days. I go back this weekend for Folk Song Weekend.

Maine: My dad and I sea kayaked out of Portland, Maine and camped out on islands on a three day trip at sea!

New Jersey: I celebrated my golden birthday (turning 27 on Aug. 27) by attempting a 27-mile trail run, eating a meal with family, and going out with a hot date!

Vermont: My beloved friends Ryan and Kara got hitched, and they invited me to celebrate with them.

I'll start with pictures, since descriptions would take FOREVER from all these trips. Sadly, I don't have pictures to share from camp or in Vermont yet.

Maine Islands Trip! Includes a view from WWII Tower on Jewell Island. A picture of a Jewell Island campground, with my dad sleeping in the foreground - paddling is exhausting!

Birthday trail run. Lenape Trail, from South Mountain to Montclair. My new friend Tim joined me for part of the run and helped me rally to finish. Pictures are from South Mountain.

Fairy house in South Mountain. Rare species :)