Friday, November 18, 2011

24 hour ultramarathon

During high school, I was really proud of running cross country. I would say, the other sports' rain delay is our prime time. We ran through snow, freezing rain, and swamped courses. Nothing stopped a XC race, save for start guns and lightning bolts.

After this ultramarathon, I'm reconsidering that motto. Wednesday night, the elements were against me. Cold, Rain, and Wind are a terrible trinity for an endurance run. At 6:30 PM, I started running around the Witch Hole Loop carriage trails. Not half a mile around, I spotted my first neighbor. A plump field mouse froze in front of my headlamp's glare. Despite only inches between us, he stayed frozen for three minutes. Guess nobody's moving much tonight, I thought. The loop I ran was 5 kilometers, the same distance as my old XC races. I hoped to run over 40 repetitions by Thursday night, but as my extremities started to freeze and I dragged my drenched clothes and cold muscles along, my frustration mounted. After four hours of running I decided to sack the night's run for better weather in the morning. Three words kept repeating in my head - Warmth is wealth.

Soon to be continued

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