Monday, December 17, 2012

"is this another running story, Steve?"

Phew. I have been up since 7pm yesterday. 20 some odd hours awake. Among the things to blame is a nap I took yesterday (I keep thinking "this time it will be different- I will just take a little nap and go to bed on time..."), a homemade didgeridoo that is completely fascinating to learn to play, and some late night chocolate (burnt chocolate - when is that ever a good idea to eat?). Heh. My friends tease me everytime I tell a story because it always starts (or develops into) "so I went running the other day and..." Last week I realized I needed new trail running shoes. I was on a rockytrail, tripped over a rock slightly and caught myself mindlessly bending down to put my toes back in the shoe. The toeboxes were long since ripped out by similar trips and scrapes. I realized there were more holes than shoe material on my feet. Heh I went to Fleet Feet in Mahwah and bought a pair of the new Brooks Cascadia. I have never bought Brooks shoes before. I tried them on the rockiest nastiest trails I know in Ramapo Reservation in Mahwah - and I am blown away. I am so glad I am investing in my passion. If I hadn't, I'd probably have twisted my ankle on a mountaintop by now in those death traps I was holding onto before. My friend recently told me how I inspired him to start running long -distance and now he is training for a half marathon. I love that! Inspiring other towards better healthier more active and satisfying lifestyles warms my heart. I want that to be part of my legacy and what others remember me by. Remember - have fun on the run!

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