Sunday, September 18, 2011

K100 part 2 continued

Katahdin 100 Sacred Run, Part 2.

Where was I...

Right. Barry's friend Steve is telling us great jokes. He says he's ran this before, twice unassisted. Wow.

Meeting the road crew every mile is getting on my nerves - it's easy to stop and break more often.

The miles slowly peel by like sun burnt skin. "Run." Count four minutes. "Walk!" Count one minute. "Run!" Barry said the youngest keeps time so I'm calling out the commands. This is for the best, I think. I don't like the walk/run method at all. Kills my momentum. Giving me the power to call the changes is comforting.

All day Saturday, we run a road that parallels the Penobscot river but the woods only occasionally allow us a glimpse of the water. Almost every mile, we hear the barks and snarls of dogs in yards. I'm glad Steve brough a dog stick.

Less than twenty miles into the run, my toenails hurt on every stride. I tell Barry and he asks what shoe size I'm wearing. I tell him my foot size and he says, of course, your feet hurt. Feet can swell up to a size and a half during an ultra. I make a mental note and change to my old shoes. Now my feet hurt less. Good.

At every mile, I stop at my family's car and ask Dad or Mom for food and a refill on my camelbak or whatever else I need. I'm eating protein bars, ham sandwiches, peanut butter cups, smoothies, watermelon, oranges, and bananas. I drink gatorade or an electrolyte replacement tablet dissolved in water. Or just water when the lemon-lime flavor gets old. Barry's group is eating more natural foods including peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fruit

With only one task at hand, the hours blend together and day becomes night. Steve gets heat cramps in his legs and falls way behind. Someone suggests I go run with him so I do, and we end up running and walking together all night and all morning.

To be continued.

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