Sunday, April 24, 2011

Journal entry

Here's a journal article from a few days ago:

Happy 4/20! No, I won't be smoking pot today, if you're wondering. I went for my run today with clean, smoke-free lungs, Thank God, and it felt wonderful. I took my friend's dog, Bear to the Witch Hole Loop and carriage trails. This dog is awesome: tame, yet still wild at times; playful yet won't bite your fingers off; obedient, yet still independent. We chased deer scents through the woods. He'd take off sprinting at breakneck speed and I'd do everything I could just to keep up. Rolled around in some mud (doesn't he ever get cold?). I'd like to film a run one time with Bear at my side, trying to capture the pure joy of playing and dancing with a dog. Sprinting downhill with wreckless abandon; teasing, jumping, playing, play-fighting, playing fetch, listening to each other's strides, breathing, and spirit. Of course, when he stopped to sniff and pee every five minutes, it was frustrating. But not because he stopped me but because he could sense more than I could out in the woods. Know what animals were around, what pheremones they were releasing. Bear is so much more aware of the WILD than I am. I yearn to have his sensitivities to scents and sound ranges and vibrations. I wish I could run like Bear - swift, efficient, so NATURALLY, with four legs, not two. Running on four legs would feel so primal - the closest I come to that is rock scrambling up and down mountains. What if man did learn how to run on four limbs again? Just create exctensions for our short arms? Woah. Heavy.

Scott Swann said I should think about writing some "documentation" of the Round the Island Run I did last Saturday, since he can't think of "anyone stupid enough to try that" historically. I might have done something no one else has ever doen before - how cool is that? I want to present my experiences to kids across the island, try to share the joys of long-distnace running. the ambition, the dreams, the worthwhile hardships, everything. Maybe inspire a few kids to run a little. Why? Good health and fitness, healthy lifestyle, can be less consumeristic, regulates your diet to some degree, can become a type of spirituality, passion, pastime (a glorious pastime), a social connector (!), a great way to travel and see the world and fundraise money for good causes, do good for others, inspire others to get healthy and fit, and use their priorly neglected bodies. Great way to appreciate the outdoors and your environment. Great sports of XC and Track. If you find any talent in it, you can get scholarships to colleges! Motivation and inspiration to others. I can tell them at "Katie" at Hunters' Beach who, after hearing my Round MDI Run story, said she'd soon stop smoking and start running again.

Update - I have since gone on many other runs with Bear and my other friend's dog, Cosmo, with much success and joy. More to come. Woof!

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